RegalX and The Incredible Power of AI Trading

Ranked 20 out of 6 million financial service firms by Inc 500 Magazine, RegalX is an innovative, commission-free, easy-to-use trading platform. Providing investors with multi-instrument accessibility, RegalX offers forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, stock and index CFDs, as well as an extensive range of services to investors.

RegalX has been developed by Regal Assets, voted the first U.S. Gold IRA provider for 2012, 2013, and 2014 by the Consumers Choice Awards, and won the Bullion Dealer of the Year award in 2015. From 2018 to 2020, they have been consecutively ranked the first international bullion dealer in the world, as well as the first offshore bullion dealer. And finally, Regal Assets CEO and CMO have both been appointed as Forbes Council Members this year.

With over $1 Billion of physical gold in storage, Regal Assets provides their world-class experience and strategies through RegalX to help their clients enhance their portfolio performance.

The platform

RegalX features a wide range of exceptional trading services, including AutotradeTM, a unique AI trading technology designed to provide cutting-edge strategies to investors.

As the first platform to obtain an official license to conduct cryptocurrency trading in the Middle East, RegalX has been storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies since 2017, using their in-house patent-pending off-line vault technology. Furthermore, RegalX benefits from Regal Assets' partnership with Coinbase, which marked the first time Coinbase entered the IRA market. Gaining their trust and faith is a major milestone on the platform's journey.

For Forex trading, RegX offers as many as 50 currency pairs. Spreads on the platform are also very tight, just 0.6 pips, allowing investors to take advantage of even the smallest changes across all available financial markets. All of this is offered with Meta Trader 4, the world's most popular forex trading platform.

RegalX offers a dazzling array of stock and index CFDs as well as CFD options in nearly all markets and sectors, with very low margins for greater liquidity.

Educational resources
The platform also offers access to a library of educational resources, including e-books, extensive videos, and tutorials to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

RegX is also home to a Trading Academy, which offers complete courses for everyone. A demo account feature is also available, allowing you to practice techniques and instruments before diving into the market.

Last but not least, RegX investors stay up-to-date with MetaNews, which provides the latest financial news on all sectors.

An outstanding trading platform

RegX is an innovative, secure, and complete trading platform that allows its users to conduct their trading activities optimally. The integration of automated trading, the wide range of products on all markets, and the many resources can all be accessed from a single account. For any trader who wishes to effectively develop his portfolio and achieve better performance, this is undoubtedly an advantage without comparison.