Metaverses . Is it the new trend of 2022?

The newest research of Oracle Hospitality shows, that travelers who book a hotel now want to use their gadgets and do hotel tours with a metaverse demo. Here is the real mass adoption...

Oracle Hospitality report shows, that travelers now have a strong dislike for people.

According to the report, travelers are unwilling to engage in dialogue with hotel staff. 73% of those surveyed want hotels to offer technology that helps them have less contact with hotel staff.

People only want to use their mobile devices (checking in and out at a hotel, paying, ordering food, and more).

These are great opportunities for hotel owners who want to embrace technology and keep up with new trends.

The introduction of technology means that hotel owners can now get rid of some of the staff.

The metaverse trend is visible to the naked eye. After all, most metaverse tokens have risen by 400% over the past year, despite the overall market decline.

Growth Leaders:

Sandbox ($SAND) up 470%

Axie Infinity (AXS) ~ 511%

STEPN (GMT) ~ 746%.

In second place after the metaverses are exchange tokens, which have grown by 6% over the past year. Other asset categories over the same period showed negative movement ranging from -13% for bitcoin to -72% for DeFi.

Kraken's report notes that while the daily number of users remained unchanged in May (1 million daily users), daily NFT trading volume dropped significantly at 87.1%.

In general, Web3 and metaverses are the trend of 2022.