The future of metaverses. Key insights 


Most centralized platforms today have withdrawal limits, a centralized monetary policy, fees and rents. The metaverses of the future will be dominated by various forms of cryptocurrencies. But they will also co-exist with assets such as fiat currencies, CBDCs, and stablecoins.


The modern Internet wasn't designed for high-speed peer-to-peer communication. Latency, packet loss, and network unreliability make the use of the Metaverse unusable. The next generation of the Internet for immersive applications needs to be significantly improved in two key areas: throughput and latency.


Location, location, location is the mantra of the modern world. But in the future, your current location won't make that much sense. In the metaverse, you can watch a virtual concert, attend fashion shows and exhibitions from anywhere in the world.

Dear friends, the conclusions from the Citi report both frighten and delight at the same time. But, if something can't be prevented, you should benefit from it.

Now, we advise you to think about ability to benefit from the metaverses. Developers, infrastructure providers and content creators are the most interesting options for further growth and development.