RegalX: AI Robots are Trading for You, The Future is Now

RegalX is the next big leap in Forex trading. It may be the foundation on which every other system will be based in the future. Here, at CoinRadar will help you understand this masterpiece of a platform and teach you a little on how to use it; lets do it.

First, RegalX is a multi-platform trading mechanism that allows the trader to automate trading. Forex pairs, stocks, and index CFDs, as well as commodities and cryptocurrencies. All this using your single, efficient, centralized account. It is Artificial Intelligence at its absolute best. All of that groundbreaking innovation is brought to your hands through one of the most intuitive interfaces we’ve yet seen. The platform is currently working on forex pairs, but CoinRadar was told that other pairings are coming soon.

Also, this amazing technology was developed by AI AUTOTRADE, where they developed AI Algorithm running in two models, AI Discovery, currently live, yielding +15% annually and AI Pro -coming soon-, averaging +20% annually. AI AUTOTRADE has developed an AI robot that trades for you and allowing you to track the growth of your money in real time.

AI AUTOTRADE has introduced a machine learning technology, developing algorithm to trade, AI AUTOTRADE worked with RegalX to provide a product that is proven to be successful with lower risks than traditional trading. Automating the trend observations, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis. It acts based on embedded advanced algorithms, Neural Network, and risk intelligence that mitigates risk and secure profits – faster than humans ever could.

On, it has one of the top rating sets you could hope for, scoring quite high in all areas, including user experience, customer feedback, and platform style.


RegalX provides many educational tools for beginners and experts alike. There is no charge to start an account either. Also, there are no commissions on trades, which is an additional bonus for the experienced trader. After a thorough review, we here at the CoinRadar can say that the RegalX platform does in-fact provide a staggering advantage to its users when it comes to the wide range of tools and options it can give you, at the touch of a button.

So, How does RegalX Work?

First, this amazing technology was developed by AI AUTOTRADE, a company dedicated to deliver the next generation of wealth creation. While RegalX’s automated function is only available for Forex, they will provide other functionality at a later date. Once a trader opens an account, whether a beginner or an expert, the process is straight forward and easy to manage.

Regal Assets is the company behind RegalX. They are the winner of several awards for performance and respect from both clients and industry connoisseurs. It won Bullion Directory for the Bullion Dealer of the Year Award in 2018-20. RegalX is the next big leap in Forex trading.

RegalX provides a wide array of industry-leading services. Below we have given our readers an deep breakdown of the available services, and we have also speculated on how they could best be used to help strengthen your trading portfolio.

With RegalX’s fine-tuned and accessible platform, trading Forex is  quick, and formidable; not to mention easy to use for everyone. At any chosen time, there are at least 2 or 3 trading centers open to you if you’re using RegalX. This is including an astounding 50 currency pairs that RegalX makes available to the trader, and their spreads are narrow, at 0.6 pips. RegalX even allows you to justify under-anticipated currency movement trades. Currently working on forex pairs, but we were told that other pairings are coming soon.

Some key points to remember about this finely tuned beast are:
• 500:1 leverage on specific Forex pairs
• Fifty Tradable FX pairs on offer
• Algorithm-based trading allows for more trading execution speed
• Standard accounts incur zero commissions
• Trading lot minimums are reduced

With RegalX, traders can trade CFD versions of commodities with greater speed and ease as well. Users are enabled to make trades on the direction of the commodity without the tiresome need of having to actually purchase the commodity underlying it. The CFD contracts will expire on the date encoded on the trade-ticket.

What if a trader wants to keep the position and keep it going? Well, RegalX allows the trader has the option of closing out the position to open a new position immediately. If the contract is not closed by the date on the expiry ticket, then it will close automatically, and the account will be issued a debit or credit if there is loss or gain. The CFDs increase the leveraging ability of trades because a trader can use low margins to control larger contracts, which in turn ties up less capital.

What About Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies have incredible potential, and as electronic assets they are emerging as the newest potential safe-haven asset. RegalX AI models even allowing traders to invest in crypto with the automated feature. Trades are performed automatically according to the specifications set by the trader. All of the major classes and coins are included as well.

RegalX has an AI to trade for you at the click of a button, smoothly, with no errors or chance of unstable use.

Our verdict is that, at the writing of this article, RegalX is a safe, secure platform. It is well managed, and the technology -designed by AI AUTOTRADE- is cutting edge and promising.

RegalX’s multi-layer stockpile of information and tutorial information includes course levels for beginners, more sophisticated traders, and for the most experienced of users. Not only this, but the platform offers a free practice course, or demo account that enables a trader to test new strategies without risking real investment capital. Also, at the time of this article, we see its safe and making money, +15% annually.

Customer Support
Traders should always be interested in the quality and availability of a platform’s customer service. Do they offer comprehensive advice and fast resolution to technical issues? Are RegalX support staff available 24/7? The answer is yes to all when concerning RegalX. They Have a guaranteed, world-class customer support portal and interface that is available year-round, 24 hours a day.

Pricing and Policies
RegalX says that they do not charge commissions on Forex pairs, which seems to be the case after investigation by the author. They also offer a competitively low and tight spread of only 0.6 pips on most, if not all of their tradable currency pairs. CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency trades have their own bid/ask spreads with no commissions to boot. There is no charge or subscription fee needed to open a RegalX account. RegalX is the future of Forex trading. RegalX is the next big leap in Forex trading. It may be the foundation on which every other system will be based in the future..