Metaverses. What are we up to?

In a recent report from McKinsey, there’re following evaluations in the market:

- $13B invested in the Metaverse in 2021

- In 2022, this amount has already exceeded 120 billion

- By 2030, the market volume may reach 5 trillion

The metaverses keep pace with the development of technology. So far, these are separate developments, but in the future we can see 2-5 largest metauniverses interacting with each other. And possibly hostile)

Imagine a meta from North Korea with strict rules and laws, and some European development with free morals and a virtual Red light street.

There are hundreds of applications and development options for the metaverses. It's very interesting to see which direction will be popular. But, in my opinion, these are games. People have always loved and are going to love entertainment more than work or education.