Justin Sun Gets Outbid By As-Yet Unnamed Buyer at Auction

Justin Sun nearly won the Christie’s auction of a token that is non-fungibleNFT) that sold for $69.3 million but ended up being outbid in the last moments, a spokesman for the Tron creator said.

Bloomberg reported Thursday afternoon that Sun ended up being the bidder that is winning the auction of an NFT tied to a digital work by the artist known as Beeple.

But Tron’s Roy Liu told us that Sun did not win the auction, despite bidding $60 million once the clock wound straight down. “He was outbid by another buyer [at the] moment that is last” Liu stated via Telegram message.

(A buyer’s premium makes up the essential difference between the bid that is winning of60.25 million and the $69.3 million purchase price.)

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“NFT is definitely a revolution to the art industry for our generation,” the Tron spokesman stated. “Both Justin and Tron Foundation are super excited for the technology and certainly will offer the ecosystem heavily around that.”

Christie’s auction expert Noah Davis declined to comment whenever reached by phone.