How will Bitcoin and the digital economy affect the world? What lies ahead for the global financial system? What skills will be needed and important in the nearest future?...

Encrypted Production is filming an extensive documentary series about cryptocurrencies with the participation of leading representatives of the industry. Among those working on the project are the founder of the world's largest exchange, Binance, the Vice President of El Salvador, and officials from the Emirate of Dubai. 

ENCRYPTED documentary series will present real-life use cases and comparisons of "traditional" banking systems from around the world, as well as the impact of cryptocurrencies on people and businesses in various countries that are propelling crypto and blockchain adoption. The 1st Episode was inspired by the brave decision of El Salvador government to make Bitcoin a legal tender in this country.

Each episode will be shot in a different country with stories of brave people and great innovations. The heroes of the series will be industry leaders, many of whom started their journey from scratch 3-5 years ago.

The next episode of the film will be shot in Istanbul, then the team will go to Asia to find new interesting subjects.

For more info please contact https://twitter.com/EncryptedFilm