CRYPTOGON 2.0: Shark Tank By LWK Group Is Back With A Brand New Concept!

LWK Group proudly presents CRYPTOGON 2.0
Our traditional project is back for the second time on the 4th of March at Train Beach Club, La Mer.
Investors from traditional businesses and Crypto & DeFi professionals will meet startups face-to-face. Each startup will have only 5 minutes to impress the “sharks” of the business and arrange a meeting or funding right on the spot.

On the 22nd of November, LWK Group hosted CRYPTOGON 1.0, a startup competition on an actual octagon!
8 startups were pitching their ideas to 200+ investors from different industries to attract investments and increase awareness.
In total, we welcomed 450 guests -Crypto and NFT- and hosted a mind-blowing event that got a big exposure in the digital community.
A completely new concept was developed on the basis of the world-famous American television business program – Shark Tank, and the “Dragons ‘Den” format itself originated in Japan twenty years ago, and has another name “Money Tigers”.
Startups and companies from Digital Assets, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse and other sectors are invited to participate.

Timur Kudratov, founder of LWK Group, about CRYPTOGON 2.0: “When I was taking my first steps in the business industry, I can say for sure that this was exactly the format of the event that was missing, where I could find an investor and shoot with my project quickly and on a large scale.
CRYPTOGON is a project built on investors. We do not put on a show, the whole concept is based on the fact that we help selected startups to present themselves in order to impress the sharks.
Why do we think this is a startup battle? – You need to be able to stand out with your idea and project. Showing the numbers in not enough, presentation is not enough, you just need to stand out. The right comment from a competent person can significantly influence the project. The right words and meetings today are a guarantee of project financing. A fight for time and attention is what works better than just praise, which is why we built the project in the form of a battle”.

The rules of the event are simple:
Startups compete in the fighting ring.
The performance lasts 5 minutes.
7 cool investors that we call the “sharks” of business, will be observing them.

Immediately after a start-up’s speech, the “sharks” (investors) share if they are ready or not to invest in the project and explain why. Each investor has the right to ask additional questions. But there is even more! After the performance, the startup has the opportunity to jump into the pool to the applause and show themselves as a true fighter or go under the chirp of the crowd.

Only 10 startups get the opportunity to participate in the event. Only 10 will compete with one another for the exclusive opportunity to impress real business sharks. All startup applications are carefully reviewed by the team. After that, the selected projects are sent to the investment committee. The committee reviews startups and conducts a final interview with the finalists. At the moment, we have already reviewed more than 40 startups.

But one question remains still open: “is your project worth the investment” – find out at CRYPTOGON 2.0
Check out their official website below for more details,

Website: CRYPTOGON 2.0
Venue: Train Beach Club, La Mer, Dubai

Date: 4th of March, 2022
Time: 20:00

Dress code: RED

For partnership and cooperation:
🇬🇧 Mark +971 58 594 4984
🇷🇺 Irina +971 58 517 8096

For questions regarding tickets purchase and participating in the project – leave a request on their website