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The Top 15 Kings of Crypto by Net Worth

In the last decade the cryptocurrency marked has surged in popularity to become the most hyped, high risk investment opportunity of the decade. Many investors who came early to the party have made a significant profit in this time and those who setup businesses before the notorious crypto crash of 2018 have earned a small fortune.

We understand posting this message at a time where Bitcoin and Altcoins are feeling the strain of a 13 month bear market may be a kick in the teeth for those who have lost money but it is also imprtant that successes are recognised!

The info graphic below details some of the largest success stories emerging from the crypto boom, from Binance CEO Changpeng Zao, to Brian Armstrong, Coinbase founder. We learn about the 'Kings of Crypto', what they have done to earn this status and where they've achieved success.

The Top 15 Kings of Crypto:

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