Prince Marcus von Anhalt - the First new Bitcoin Whale in 2021

Marcus Prinz von Anhalt , the German self-made millionaire who amassed a fortune in real estate and gentleman's clubs all over Germany, had to rethink his business model after he was hit by the first lockdowns in his adoptive home of Dubai.

“The world and its top investors are changing.” The Prinz Marcus commented.
The world of cryptocurrency is undergoing major changes in the public view, and Marcus is part of a group of savvy investors emerging at the cutting edge of this shift.

At the end of 2020, Marcus prospered, netting an astonishing profit of 1850%, which not only grew his already substantial fortune, but also instantly made him one of the very first Bitcoin Whales of 2021.

Marcus had the foresight to invest in Bitcoin when the asset was still in the shadows, and he is now investing in Fantom, another up and coming crypto, with the same tenacity and commitment.

It's no secret that some of the world’s wealthiest, most industrious people are making the leap into cryptocurrency. Elon Musk, via Tesla, recently poured over a billion dollars into Bitcoin, contributing in no small way to the recent increase it has seen. This fast expanding, incredibly lucrative market, isn't open to just the super-wealthy, but to any prudent investors who want to adopt this market in its early stages.

The speed with which cryptocurrencies are expanding and legitimizing itself is remarkable on its own, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of cryptocurrency's rise in the trading economy, is the power it has to magnify and multiply prudent investments. Cryptocurrency is making already wealthy entrepreneurs even more successful, and it's taking new investors to levels of success that would have been otherwise inaccessible.