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If you have a specific date and/or time you need your press release published, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

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Payment Methods

Please send your payment to the following address:

Bitcoin: 38pL9YguwzqaJkPr4wSzrL5zn7fFCXfopW
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For other available payment methods, send us an email at:

Note: If you have paid with either BTC or ETH you must include your transaction id with your submission so that we can confirm payment.

Press release format guidelines

1. Keep press release title under 100 characters

2. Be sure to include a 2 or 3 sentence “lead-in” that summarizes what your press release is about.

3. To ensure that your press release is in line with Google Webmaster Guidelines, please limit the number of links in your press release. A good rule of thumb is one link per 200 words. You may also include an email address as well.

4. Include a header image with your press release. It should be 620 x 420 pixels in size with minimal text – do not include the title of your press release in the header image.

Please note that although we proofread and edit press releases for obvious grammatical and/or spelling errors, it is understood that the press release you send to us is ready to be published. We will not make corrections to published press releases unless the requested change is the result of an error on our part.