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ICO Ranking Table

ICONProject NameICO DateFunding TargetProductVisionHypeTeamToken MetricsInvestment OpportunityFinal Score
Multiversum1 May – 10 June (Closed)$35,000,00091078.5998.8
DREP FoundationTBA (Whitelist is closed)$28,700,0008999.57.588.5
Codex Protocol24 - 27 July$15,000,0008.69.579.588.48.5
Opiria & PDATA20 April - 4 July$30,000,000987.
PumaPayMay 2018 (Closed)$150,000,0009.
FTEC6th June - 7th July$11,000,0008.
Nauticus18 March - 18 July$88,000,0008.
OEL FoundationTBA$15,000,0007.59497.577.3

OEL Foundation: A Comprehensive, Independent ICO Review

From caravanserais on the Silk Road, to the supply chains of the Roman legions and the advance of the Allied Forces in 1944, logistics & supply chain management is one ...

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