Bitcoin will fall to $10 000

Wall Street analysts expect bitcoin to fall to $10,000 rather than rise to $30,000.

Wall Street investors' opinions are divided. During a survey of 950 people, it became clear that while some don't plan to invest in cryptocurrencies and are confident that bitcoin will soon fall, others hope that major players will not let "digital gold" fall, although they don't see any visible reasons for growth.

Analysts highlight the reasons for the fall and they are as follows:

• The strong volatility of bitcoin, which doesn't pose a threat to the economy, but poses a threat to ordinary people who have invested their money in digital assets.

• People are tired of cryptocurrencies and the topic has ceased to attract increased attention, and after the wave of scam tokens, on which people lost their money, there are few who want to inject into the crypt.

Analysts disagree, but whose position do you adhere to?