A Whopping 43% of Investors Interested in Bitcoin are Women

A recent report published by Grayscale, a firm providing market insights, reveals that around 43% of investors interested in bitcoin are women.

The research was conducted through an online survey.

performed between March 28 and April 3, 2019. Around 1100 U.S residents, aged between 25 and 64, were a part of this research. The respondents that were a part of the research held a strong foundation in personal investments, with at least $10,000 in household investable assets and $50,000 in household income.
A Change in Usual Perception: Women’s Orientation Towards Bitcoin
Previous analysis has shown that participants in the bitcoin community largely belong to the male gender. However, new studies reveal that this usual perception is not exactly true.

The recent data reveals that women too have developed a healthy interest in this cryptocurrency. The results further indicate that around 80% of women were keen to explore the growth potential of bitcoin.  And another 93% indicated that they would be more open to it if additional knowledgeable resources made available. The figures clearly symbolize women’s healthy interest in bitcoin.

Digging Deeper.

Further analyzing the report gives more insight into a women’s stance on any kind of financial investment. Rather than seeing it as an opportunity to ‘build wealth’, women tend to see such kinds of investments as a tool to protect their families against financial hardships. This statement is derived from the results that state 60% of women cared more about financial security than building wealth. Moreover as compared to 35% male, 42% of females agreed to play safe with investments.
Moving Towards a Digital Future
Men and women, 56.4% and 56.2% respectively, both believe that there is a significant opportunity for the growth of digital currency like bitcoin. Furthermore, the finite supply of bitcoin is also cited as one of the reasons for its growing demand and price increase.

Additionally, women from the age group 25-54 are interested in making small investments in bitcoin. In the same age group 63% of women, as compared to 56% of men agreed that they were willing to make small investments in bitcoin. The idea of having instant access and returns to their investments was a compelling reason for women to invest in this digital currency.
Women are more open towards bitcoin as an investment if they understand more about the digital currency. 93% of women and 84% of men said that they would be more interested in bitcoin if they knew more about it.
Bitcoin Concerns

In contrast to men.

I contrast to men, women show more concern towards bitcoin as an investment. For example, women (67%) state that a lack of familiarity with bitcoin is a major concern. The insufficient insight of government, as well as bitcoin’s newness, are further concerns for women to consider bitcoin as an investment.

However, studying statistics from the report reveals a strong inclination of women towards investment in bitcoin.